About us

Greetings people! We understand that your time is precious, hence if you have either stumbled upon this page or been recommended about it by one of your friends, we take it as our opportunity to inform you about the endeavor that we support. With cue to its name “Uday Foundation” believes in spreading light and happiness where darkness descends. The world is plagued with a lot of difficulties which calls for support for a wide range of causes be it illiteracy, women empowerment, anti drug trafficking to name a few.

The cause that we support is ‘empowering the old’ to lead a life filled with self respect and love. Reflecting today’s reality, we realized that a lot of parents are left in a lurch when their children refuse to treat them with affection and care that they duly deserve. We believe that, it’s no longer about holding the hand that helped you walk or wiping tears from the eyes that shone when you succeeded in life, now it’s about parents being treated with respect and dignity.

Many of us have heard or witnessed a lot of instances where aged parents are ill treated or out casted from the family in real or reel life. The implications of such cowardly acts are faced by the aged parents in the form of loneliness and intense hurt. We at Uday foundation are of the view that the bigger family that we all are a part of is humanity. We take it as our responsibility to extend a helping hand in any which way possible to aged parents that are subjected to the plight of being disregarded by their loved ones.

The aim is to encourage monetary contribution to raise funds which will be preceded to the welfare of the elderly, amount can be as small as 10rs or as big as you want it to be because the greater vision that we envisage is to make maximum people sensitized towards the issue.

Enough said, words inspire but actions initiate a change. We don’t believe in preaching a way of life, we aim to create one which is enriching and fulfilling for the elderly. Now if you have patiently read through and support our cause then do join the band wagon that rides towards a better tomorrow for the elderly.